Damhamer – Chapter Eight

“Sii are you okay?” “What happened?” “Are you injured?” “No, just a little shook up.” “Don’t get up. Just rest.” “I’m okay… Ouch. Okay, maybe my shoulder is hurt. I was tossed into the side of the ship; that is the last thing I remember. So what hit us?” “I Read More

Damhamer – Chapter 7

It was now in the third time period. I have not slept much. I tossed and turned. After dinner Dam and I talked about the meeting tomorrow with Kapaw. I will be on the ship which will be on the landing platform also. I am to be ready to leave Read More

The Trade

By Tim Bloodfield This story that I am writing I have kept secret for thirty years. I put it in my will that upon my death my wife would get this letter. Please forgive me, my love, but it was for your own good. Now many years have passed and Read More

Damhamer – Chapter Six

When we left Orex I felt sad. I was not sure if I would ever see my friends again. I know that is a lie. I will see them again. I have to go back after my leave time is up. Or not. Following my destiny may be a bit Read More

Damhamer – Chapter Five

Chapter 5 The celebration had begun. The Borog had been defeated. Orex was safe thanks to the brave soldiers who fought giving their best and some their lives even though they were only trainees. Major Rutherford and Vipa fought with such bravery. The people of Orex are indebted to them. Read More

Damhamer – Chapter Four

It has been three days since the attack. My leg is completely healed; I will return to work today. I haven’t seen Vipa since the attack. He has been with the city council and the military staff in the hope that he can offer some kind of strategic help. I Read More

Damhamer – Chapter Three

  It is now lunar date 2515. All of Vipa’s wounds have healed but no memory has returned. He still has the tormara visions as he calls them. Dr. Lexetod prescribed a sedative, 100 mg of Medalin Roxee, before he goes to bed. It seems to help but has not Read More

Damhamer – Chapter Two

Six days had passed and no signs that the strange visitor was going to wake up. Some of the city council members stop by to see if there was any progress with the Vipa. That is what they called him; it meant “unknown.” The doctor explained that the wounds he Read More

Damhamer – Chapter One

It was a business-as-usual day on Orex Orion, which was a trading planet located in the Noxas System about fifty light years from earth. The inhabitants were made up of every species imaginable. It was a large city with a few smaller towns around the city. The people—well, the community—was Read More