Damhamer – Chapter One

It was a business-as-usual day on Orex Orion, which was a trading planet located in the Noxas System about fifty light years from earth. The inhabitants were made up of every species imaginable. It was a large city with a few smaller towns around the city. The people—well, the community—was friendly enough. There was a military training base outside the city with about two hundred men—well, men and aliens. The planet belonged to the military. They only allowed the city to be built so the soldiers would have a place to go on their off days. There was a military police station. It had two officers, but for the most part there was not a lot of trouble, except for the Nevewon. They were miners from planet Enod. They mined for Raet 6, a material used in forming Telloc crystals for recharging propulsion cells in almost every ship out there. Needless to say it is a very expensive material.

It was not too bad. They would come in and drink too much Yaaled ale, get rowdy and tear up the bar, but when it is over they would pay for the damage and move on, not to return for six months. Enod was also a military planet. It is protected by Xedef Priority. They’re a large galactic police, so to speak. The base on Orex Orion is for the new trainees that will be going into service soon.
The biggest problem for Orex Orion is the Borog. They are the murderers and thieves. They slip in at night, rob the merchants. The police have tried to stop them but wind up beat or killed. There have been seven officers killed by the Borog. The soldiers would come but by the time they got to the city, the Borog would be gone, leaving a path of destruction. The city would band together, clean up, rebuild, and carry on with their lives. The city council had pleaded with the military to put more soldiers in the city, but all they would get is the round basically saying the city and its residents were not important enough to have more security.

After a few weeks of clean-up, the city was back in business. It was a beautiful day on Orex Orion. There were two suns, the day sun and the night. It was never real dark on Orex. There were no seasons here. The day sun was far enough away that the temp stayed around 80 – 85 degrees year-round. The night sun is a lot farther away. The temp goes down to 60 – 65 but it is only half the light as the day sun. It’s like a full moon every night but just a little bit more light. Orex Orion does not have a moon, and since there are no seasons there is also no water. It has to be brought in from a planet called Alpharetta. It is in the fourth system. It is ten times the mass of Orex and ninety percent of the surface is water. There is no life on the planet, except, of course, for sea life. There is some fishing there but you have to be careful. The sea creatures are all poisonous and no one can explain why they are when the water is clear and pure. And one other mystery is that it rejuvenates itself. But no one is concerned. We need the water and Alph doesn’t seem to mind.

Every merchant and everyone was in full swing when a loud explosion was heard. A ship engulfed in flames came crashing through the atmosphere on the other side of Mount Eature. The police gathered people and a medic team to go to the crash site to provide medical care if needed. The way the ship looked it was very doubtful there were any survivors, but we had to go. All the residents here are good people and want to help. They could see the smoke from the crash.

When they arrived at the crash site there was not much left of the ship. They searched around and found no one. The one of the party called to the medic team, which consisted of the doctor, Sigmen, and his assistant, Sii Vetta. As far as they could tell he was still alive. Everyone was thinking, how did he survive such a crash? He was a large man. Not sure of his species but he looked to be a cross between a Telloc vader and a Neebet barbarian. He wore a black hooded cloak. There were strange markings on his breastplate and arm and wrist guards. It looked to be military. He was put into transport and taken back to Orex Madesto to the hospital there. People started to worry about the arrival of this stranger. No one knew who or what he is. They will find out when or if he wakes. What kinda trouble will he bring? If they only knew.
A few days passed and the visitor had not come to. He had sustained a massive injury to his head. There were other injuries and Doctor Lecxtod was not familiar with his anatomy. He could not get accurate readings from him. But the strangest thing was that some of the minor injuries have healed completely, some in a matter of hours. But we will have to see if he wakes or not.

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