Damhamer – Chapter Six

When we left Orex I felt sad. I was not sure if I would ever see my friends again. I know that is a lie. I will see them again. I have to go back after my leave time is up. Or not. Following my destiny may be a bit more difficult. I am not afraid. I have what I’ve always wanted. I have someone who loves me and would destroy anything or anyone that tried to hurt me. There are just a lot of emotions bouncing around in my head. Truth be told I am a little afraid. I’m not sure if I should confide in Dam. I don’t want him to think I am having second thoughts when I’m not—well maybe a little, but I would not change a thing. I will follow him to the end of space and back. My wonderful mother always told me that being open and honest with your mate will lead to a happy life and disperse all the unhappy strife. I know she is right. I can tell him anything and he will love me anyway.

“Dasa, can we talk?”

Oh crap, that sounded like a break-up line.

“Yes Sii, what is wrong?”

“Nothing, I—I am just feeling a little overwhelmed by all this. Please don’t think I’m having second thoughts. I will be fine, it’s just that for the first time in my life I am out of my comfort zone.”

“Sii, I am not sure what you mean.”

“What I mean is that my life before you was pretty redundant. I would get up, go to Medesto, then go back home. And that was fine for me, but now here I am running off to who knows where, and who knows what might happen.”

“Sii, I asked were you sure you wanted to do this. I had to, but you did not.”

“I want to be with you.”

“I love that you are here with me, but if you need to go back I would understand.”

“No, I just want to vent, as some of fellow trainees on Earth would say.”

“I do not know what vent is.”

“It is where I talk out my feelings, my concerns, to you and it makes me feel better, and in turn you can help reassure me and help me get past it. And I can do the same for you.”

He still had a puzzled look on his beautiful face.

“I would pour my heart out to you.”

“No, Sii.”

He put his hand over my heart.

“No, please do not pour your heart out. It must stay inside.”

I laughed. That did make me feel better.

“Oh you wonder being. I don’t mean literally. I mean I will tell you all the things my heart feels.”

“Yes, I understand. Please tell what your heart wants to say.”

“It is just as I said before—I am out of my comfort zone and feeling a little homesick.”

“Sii, I understand we have only known each other for a short time and this happened so quickly. Since the first day I met you my heart desired you. I know my past—what I remember of it—and all the other events in my past that I don’t remember—they mean nothing. The only thing that matters is you. My love for you runs deeper than just my heart. I know that you are all I desire and if a thousand years should past that will never change. My love for you knows no boundaries and even though there is much in my mind that eludes me, one thing is certain: We were meant to be.”

The tears were rolling down my face as he spoke those wonderful words to me. I was more than fine now and I feel the same. There is something more and I have felt that pull deep inside me also.

“Sii are you all right? Why are you crying? Did I say something wrong? If you need to go back my heart will be heavy but I will take you back, and when I am done I will come for you.”

I stood and walked over to the captain’s chair where he was seated. Without any words I gave him the most passionate kiss I could. The kiss lasted at least five minutes. At this point it was not just my heart that wanted him; all of me did.

“No, there is nothing wrong with what you said.”

I took his hand and lead him to the sleeping quarters where we would fulfill another part of our destiny.

When I woke Dam was not with me. I could hear some commotion at the front of the ship. Well, so much for cuddling. I made my way to the front. He was in the pilot’s seat. There was an alarm of some kind beeping.

“What is wrong, Dasa? What alarm is that? Is there something wrong with the ship?”

“The alarm is a perimeter breach sensor. There is a ship running parallel to us two kilometers off the starboard side. The alarm sounded about an hour ago. I have been watching them. They don’t appear to be getting closer, but are still running parallel to us.”

“Have you tried to contact the ship?”

“Yes. There was no reply.”

“Maybe they’re just going the same way, but that wouldn’t explain why there is no response.”

With all that has gone on it hadn’t occurred on me I never asked where we were going not that I care.

“I will continue to monitor the ship. If there’s any problem I will man the weapons. Sii, you take the controls.”

“Yes, my love.”

“The ship is moving away. They are out of sensor range now.”

“That’s odd, but again, maybe they were going the same way and now they are going on about their business.”

“Yes, perhaps you are right, but I will keep the sensors at maximum range.”

“Dasa, there is one question I want to ask.”

“Yes, Sii.”

“Where are we going?”

“We are going to a planet called Sargonadon.”

“Sargonadon. That is the Borog home planet. We cannot get there. It is surrounded by an asteroid field. All that have tried have perished.”

“Yes, my love, but when Major Rutherford gave me this ship his men found something very interesting. The flight path to Sargonadon. We can travel through the asteroid field.”

“That is incredible. No one has ever been able to get to their home world. Even if we do make through the asteroids I am sure that the Borog are not going to receive us with open arms. Why are we going there?”

“When we defeated the Borog, the commander had information about me and another of my kind. I need to find out that information.”

“You mean we need to find out this information.”

I am sorry my love. Yes, I mean we need to.”

“How long before we get there?”

“Two hours to reach the Zondra Nebula.”

“Okay. Would you like me to prepare us some food?”

“Yes, that would be great, Sii.”

I prepared the food and Dam filled me in on all the information he knew. He hopes the Borog will have more for him. My concern is how the Borog are going to react to the news that all their ships have been destroyed or captured and their leader JaJa Gaa is dead. I know there is no need to be concerned—I am with Damhamer, Destroyer of Worlds. What would I have to fear? I still don’t like his name. I miss Vipa—at least that name was less destructive.

The perimeter alarm sounded again.

The ship was back that was following us.

“It could be one of the Borog ships.”

“Why did they not respond when you contacted them?”

“I don’t know, but they don’t seem to be getting any closer.”

“Maybe they did not recognize you so they are waiting to see where we are going.”

“They have to know we are going to Sargonadon and that this is one of their ships.”

“We are approaching the Zondra Nebula.”


“What is wrong, Sii?”

“I have never seen this nebula. I mean I have seen pictures of it, but they do not do justice to the incredible mass that it is. It is beautiful.”

“Yes, it is a sight to behold. I will stop here and set the coordinates for Sargonadon. Are you ready my love?”

“Yes, I am ready.”

When we entered the nebula the instruments were not functioning as suspected. We could only see visually what was outside the ship. It was beautiful and terrifying at the same time. I was afraid and excited. There were so many asteroids. How the Borog commander ever found a path through this mess is a miracle. Dam took my hand after a few of the small asteroids hit the ship. That was very unsettling but I knew I was safe. This being would never let anything happen to me. He had no look of concern whatsoever on his beautiful face. He feared nothing and that kind of turned me on. Okay, no time for all that. We are about to reach the planet not many people have lived to see. I am still concerned about our reception. We had about twenty minutes to worry about that. We could see that the asteroids were thinning out. We were almost there. The ship’s communicator sounded. It was the Borog.

“General Tron, there is a ship approaching. It is one of ours. It is the KYT.”

“Open a line.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Captain Koma, this is Command Center. It is good to see you have returned. We lost communication with Commander Gaa. Several weeks have passed with no response. Where is the rest of the fleet?”

“Are we going to respond?”

“No, let them think there is a communication problem. They know this is their ship. The Borog will not fire on us.”

“Do you think that the Borog will scan the ship to see if there is a problem?”

At that note Dam stood and walked to the communication console, took his fist and smashed the console. Sparks flew. Smoke poured out of it.

“That should take care of it.”

I agreed that should do the trick, but landing on Sargonadon, the Borog home world, is still a little unsettling. I know that Dam is seeking information and I am sure he will get the information by whatever means necessary. That is also a little scary.

“Sir, there is no response from the KYT.”

“That is odd. Scan their communications grid.”

“Yes sir. Scanning in process. Sir the scan shows there is damage to their communications transmitter.”

“Can they receive transmissions?”

“Yes sir. They should be able to receive. The scan does not show any restrictions.”

“Captain Koma, if you receive this, I will meet you in the hanger when you set down. Command Center out.”

“Okay, just one big happy family. I feel a little better now.”

“I am confused. The Borog are of the same line?”

“No, my love. I mean they are welcoming us with open arms just like family.”

“I understand now.”

I know we are descending into the belly of the beast but this exciting. I would never imagined in a million years that I would see Sargonadon, much less be landing on the planet of our enemy. I am sure the reception is not going to be pleasant, but I am not worried. This is a historical event. I just hope that the leader here is reasonable and there won’t be any trouble. I believe that if they know anything about Dam and his abilities they will be a little more receptive. If not, then Dam will—well I am not sure what he will do. One thing I do know—it will not end well for them.

We entered the atmosphere. The planet was not as I thought it might be. It was not much more than a desert. We could see nothing but the compound. The roof of the hanger was opening . Here we go.

“Sii, when we sit you stay by the ship’s controls. If any sign of trouble you get out of here.”

“I will not leave you here.”

“Sii if things don’t go well here, I don’t want you to be caught in what I am going to do. I will take a communicator with me. When I am finished you can return for me.”

“I know you will be all right, but let’s hope that the Borog will listen to reason. It’s not very likely, but we can hope.”

We set down in the hanger. The Borog leaders were waiting.

“Sii, take the controls and be prepared to take off.”

“Dam, do you trust me?”

“Yes my love. I trust you.”

“Then let me confront the Borog like a diplomatic liaison. I know they are as far from diplomacy as we are from Orex. The Borog might not be as intimidated seeing a female coming out of their ship. If there’s any sign of trouble, then you come pound them into oblivion.”

“I don’t know, Sii. if anything happened to you I could not live with myself.”

“I will be fine, my love.”

“All right, but any sign.”

“Yes. I will run for cover.”

Dam opened the ship’s hatch. I stepped down from the ship. The Borog just stood and stared like they have never seen a female before. Then I presume the leader spoke.

“Who are you, and where are Captain Koma and the rest of the fleet.”

“My name is Sii Vetta. I am from Orex Orion. I am here to inform you that Commander Gaa and the rest of your so-called fleet have been killed or captured.”

At that point they all drew the weapons. I put hands up to signify surrender, even though that would not be happening.

“Why have you stolen our ship? Only a fool or a female would do such a thing as come here to gloat.”

“I did not come here to gloat. We have come here for information.”

“We? There are others with you? Tell them to come out immediately or we will open fire.”

“Hold on. There is only one other with me. He is—”

“He. So he sent a woman to fight for him? He must be a coward to do such a thing.”

Several of the Borog were laughing.

“No, he is not a coward, and he did not send me to fight for him, you piece of shit.”

“Calm down. You don’t need to be the one starting the fight.”

“Ohh this woman also has the mouth on her, too. So when can we meet this man that’s not a coward.”

“I came out first so you would not feel threatened by him. As I said before, we are only here for information.”

“Do you think we are in the business of giving out information? How do we know that there isn’t a military flight about to attack us?”

“We are alone. The Xedef Priority is not interested in coming here unless you give them another reason like attacking, stealing and killing innocent people like the ones on Orex.”

“I warned Commander Gaa not to attack Orex but he would not listen.”

“Yes, and it cost him his life and many of your men. But that is not what we are here for.”

“Bring him out or we will open fire.”

The Borog were getting a little agitated. It’s time to bring out Dam.

“Okay—he is coming out.”

As soon as Dam stepped off the ship the Borogs’ expressions changed. You could see the fear in their faces. Some stumbled back a few steps.

By this reaction it was obvious they knew Dam.

The Borog leader spoke. His voice was a little shaky and not as confident or arrogant as before.

“I—I see why you did not need to bring the military here. There would be no need for them when you have the likes of this one.”

Dam stepped forward. I could feel the anger and contempt he has for the Borog. I put my hand on his chest to stop him.

“Dam, we are here to talk, not destroy.”

“The scourge of space will not speak to you in such a coarse manner.”

“It’s okay.”

“I am sure that—What is your name?”

“I am General Tron.”

“Yes—General Tron would like to apologize for his rudeness.”

“I regret my words. Please accept my apologies.”

“Good enough. Now, is there somewhere we can talk?”

“So you are here to get information and then destroy us.”

Dam stepped forward and spoke. The general stumbled backwards. It was amusing to see the Borog squirm.

“I will ask the questions now.”

The Borog lead us to their state room. We all sat down. It was still a lot to take in. I am sitting in the state room of the Borog high command. Dam spoke. I could hear in his voice that if he didn’t get the answers he wanted there was going to be trouble.

“How do you know me?”

“Commander Gaa spoke of you. He was working for a man he called Vored Kapaw.”

“What were you doing for this Kapaw?”

“I would rather not discuss Borog business with outsiders.”

Dam slammed his fist down on the table. Everyone in the room jumped about six inches off their seat, including me.

“Answer me now, bacah.”

I did not know what bacah meant but one thing for sure—it can’t be good.

“All right, Commander Gaa and a few of our men were taking viridian crystals from the myod on planet NN7.”

“What is this viridian crystal for? Why did the Kapaw want with these crystals?”

“I do not know.”

“Tell me now or I will end this place and everyone here.”

Dam stood up. The table started to shake. He was becoming very agitated. I was a little frightened. I know he needs this information but ending this place won’t help our cause.

“Dam, please, calm down. I am sure the general here will tell you all he knows.”

He turned to me. Oh, shit, his eyes have turned to black. He won’t hurt me, but I am not sure what he will do to the Borog.

“This is no concern of yours, woman. You do not tell me what I should do. You mind your place.”

That did not scare me—it pissed me off. I stood. At this point I knew what to do. I looked him in the eyes.

“What did I tell you about talking to me that way?”

He started to raise his hand to me. Are you fracking kidding me?! That was it. I raised my hand and slapped the hell out of him. He turned red, then his eyes returned to normal. He would be fine now.

“Sii, I am truly sorry. I still do not know why that happens.”

“It is okay my love. I know that there is something that happens to you and that is why we are here.”

Dam looked sad. I did not want the Borog to think he is weak—that could not be farther from the truth—so I took over the questioning.

“As you can see the Damhamer is not a very patient man, so I suggest you tell us everything you know.”

“Okay—Okay. Commander Gaa met with this man named Vored Kapaw on Colet Five. Gaa said he called his kind medallion. He did not say where he was from. None of us had ever seen his kind. But he paid well, so Gaa didn’t ask many questions. He paid us to go to NN7 and take the crystals.”

“What did he want with the crystals?”

“I do not know. Maybe he was a collector. The crystals did not seem to be anything special, just a useless piece of glass.”

There had to be something to the crystals for this person to pay the Borog to steal them from a forbidden planet.

“What do the crystals look like?”

“They are much like the duriam crystals on the mining camp Rec5, long polished glass cylinders about .228 meters in length and .050 meters in diameter. The color was a dark violet. Other than that there was nothing special about them.”

“How do you know me?”

“Gaa told us that the medallion said that if we did not deliver the crystals that he would send the Damhamer here and destroy Sargonadon. He called him Destroyer of Worlds. Gaa was not sure what to think about this threat. He knew that this Damhamer army could not get through the asteroid field. But he asked around and there was story after story about you and all the planets you annihilated. The stories told of one man doing all the destruction. It was hard to believe that one person did all that damage. So we traveled to some of the planets that were destroyed and were shocked to see these planets were annihilated. Two of the planets were literally split in half. Unknown numbers were laid waste.”

“Okay we get the picture.”

I could see this was hurting Dam. You could see the sorrow on his face. It was killing me inside to see him hurt like this. We need to move on.

“Is there anything else you need to tell us?”

“No, that is all.”

“Are you sure? If we find out you are lying, you know what is going to happen.”

“No—that’s all.”

I could see that there was something else. It was my turn to be upset. I slammed my fist down on the table. Not quite the impact as Dam’s but it was enough.

“Tell me now. I know you are holding back something.”

“Okay—Gaa is supposed to meet with Kapaw in two days on Colet five. We were supposed to have another shipment for him. I am not sure what will happen if Gaa doesn’t show. Are you going to return here and destroy Sargonadon?”

“I will not do the bidding of this Kapaw. We will meet with him and as far as destroying you, do not give me a reason to return here. We will be leaving now.”

“I assume you will be taking our ship again?”

“Yes and we need it refueled and ready to go in an hour. Do I make myself clear.”

“Abundantly. And as far as a reason to return, I think the Borog are going to change the way we do business. There will not be a reason for you to return. Gaa was the one that controlled the entire—well let’s say the questionable transactions.”

The Borog were more than willing to get us on our way. We will be going to Colet five now. It sounds like this Kapaw is the key to why Dam did all those bad things. I am sure we will get the answers that we need. My only concern is if this Kapaw is the same species as Dam it could be catastrophic if those two locked horns. But I don’t really believe it will happen because Dam is special. I know in my heart he is one of a kind. I know that it is partly that I love him but deep inside me there is a lot more to Dam than I know.


It was a day’s travel to Colet five. We spent most of the time in silence. Dam was thinking hard, searching his mind for any memory of Kapaw. I did not intervene. He needs to work this out. We arrived at Colet five. It was a beautiful planet, lots of trees and waterfalls. Living on Orex so long I almost forgot how wonderful nature is. It is so calming and serene.

We landed six kilometers from the town. From what I have read about this place it was it was built by—well, let’s say less than honest people—and is the hot spot for a lot of questionable activities. General Tron did not have all the information. He had location and day but not the time. He suggested we hang out around the landing platform. It will be a large ship escorted by two smaller ships. You will not recognize the ships. Gaa said he had never seen a ship like Kapaw’s before.

“Dasa, I think it would be best if I went and checked out the locations.”

“I’m not sure that would be wise.”

“What is the worst that could happen? Wait, don’t answer that. I already know the answer. What if I go check out the landing platform? From what I had read about this place there is only one place that you would meet someone. It is called Milpitas. I believe it is the name of one of the men who built the town.”

“Sii, I don’t like the idea of you going in there alone.”

“I will be all right. I will carry a communicator and a weapon.”

“What if you are attacked?”

“Then you come and turn the town into a wasteland. No, I don’t mean that literally. I will be fine. I will go find the platform and Milpitas’s and come right back.”

“Okay Sii, but if any trouble you contact me and I will come and find you.”

It was hard to leave Dam at the ship, but he does not need to be seen just yet. This is way out of my comfort zone but I don’t care. I like the excitement. This is my destiny. I can embrace it or go home and I’m not going home. The town was pretty nice given the inhabitants here. The streets were laid in stone. The buildings were nice. They reminded me of some of the old buildings on Earth when I was in training there. There was lamppost lined up and down the street just like in the pictures of a city that was on Earth—I believe they called it London. I never got to see London. There are only remnants left of it. There are only pictures of the city. It is nice here. There are people everywhere conducting their business as usual, somewhat similar to Orex, a lot of wheeling and dealing. Maybe not the same kind of dealing as Orex but dealing just the same. I ask someone about the landing platform. Of course it is on the opposite side of the town, but that’s okay, the town is not that big.

I found the platform. There was a small merchant store next to the platform.


“Yes my love.”

“Are you safe?”

“Yes, no one seems to notice I even exist. I guess with what goes on in this place everyone keeps to themselves.”

“Have you located the landing platform?”

“Yes, I am at the platform now. There is a merchant shop that I can wait in. Tomorrow I will be able to see every ship that lands here.”

“That is great. But Sii, I’m still not sure about you doing this.”

“I know, my love, but I am fine. No one has even looked at me. I will go to the meeting place and check it out, then I will come back to the ship.”

“I will see you soon my love.”

I talked briefly to the merchant. He told me the location of Milpitas. Of course it is back toward the other end of town. Oh well, at least I can say I got my cardio done for today. Walking around reminds me of Orex. It has only been a few days but I miss everyone. I will see them soon I hope. When Dam meets Kapaw tomorrow I hope he will have the answers that we need. My only concern is if there is trouble. If Kapaw is the same as Dam and has the same powers the two alone could turn this town into crater.

I found Milpitas. Some of my classmates on Earth would call this place a hole in the wall. It is perfect for meeting lowlife pieces of excrement. I walked into the place. I see now why the questionable kind like this place. It’s dark and dingy. Everyone there looks at me. I feel like a celebrity, or maybe it is because I am the only female here. Either way I don’t like it. I will go to the ship now. I’ve seen all I need to see. I turned and out of nowhere there was some guy behind me. He startled me.

“Hey pretty lady, you lost? You need me to help you?”

“No thank you, I am not lost. I am just checking this place out. We are new here and my mate and I might come here tonight for drinks.”

“You and your mate you say. Where is your mate? Why did he not come with you?”

“He is taking care of some business and I am exploring, but thanks again for your offer.”

“I think you should come to my table and have a Welcome to Colet five drink.”

“Thank you, but no. I am on my way to meet my mate.”

I stepped forward but the guy didn’t move.

“Please excuse me. I need to leave.”

“Oh come on, one little drink won’t hurt you.”

He reached out his hand to grab my arm. I stepped back. It never changes—no matter how many planets you visit, there is always one asshole.

“As I said, no thank you. I need to leave now.”

“You are just playing hard to get.”

“There is nothing to get. I told you I have a mate and he is very large and very protective.”

“Well your mate is not here, and I believe you don’t even have one.”

At that point he grabbed at me again. I got a little louder with him.

“I told you I was not interested. Now move out of my way.”

“Oh, getting a little hot. I guess I should move before your mate comes and takes care of me.”

“I don’t need him to fight my battles for me.”

What this a-hole doesn’t know is I have combat training from the academy. I never thought I would need to use it and it is a little rusty, but when opportunity calls, I will answer.

He grabbed my arm and started to pull me to the table he was sitting at. I slapped him. He stumbled back. Anger flooded his face. He lunged at me. His hand came across my face. It felt like a piece of coarse leather wrapped around a clump of fired clay. It knocked me to the floor. He then grabbed my hair and pulled me back up. He was yelling profanities at me.

“You stuck-up bitch, one drink will not hurt you.”

I know he was looking for more than just a drink.

I pulled myself together. I have had enough of this prick. When we got to the table there was a glass. I grabbed the glass and smashed it into his face. He let go of my hair. He grabbed his face. There was blood running down one side. He was moaning so I turned to leave. He grabbed me again.

“You’re not going anywhere, bitch.”

“I have had enough of your mouth, you piece of shit.” The anger in me was at its peak. I have to get away from this guy and no one in this place seems to care. I did the old smash the foot. He let go of me. He was bent over a little holding his knee trying to recover from the pain in his foot. Now it is my turn. I grabbed the hair on the back of his head and slammed his forehead into the table. He let out another loud groan and fell to the floor. He lay there clutching his head.

“You fracking whore.”

My anger got away from me. I could not control myself. He was trying to crawl away. I grabbed his foot and turned him over. At that point I was screaming at him.

“Where do you think you are going, you piece of shit?”

“Fracking bitch.”

“Again with the bitch.”

I went to grab his foot. I didn’t see this coming: he kicked me in my abdomen. I fell to the floor. Shit that hurt and it knocked my breath out. He started to get up. I knew I could not let that happen, but I could not move. He grabbed my hair again and stated to pull me up. I got to my knees. I screamed at him. “NOT THIS TIME BITCH.”I punched as hard as I could into his groin area. He went down like a bag of rocks. I got up and went berserk on him. I started kicking him from his feet to his head. He was moaning from all the pain I Inflicted on him. I was out of breath but I was going to make sure he wouldn’t soon forget this beating. I look down at him. His face was covered in blood. He looked up at me and again cursed me.

“Yoouuu bitch.”

I could not stop myself. I kicked him in his face. The moaning stopped. His body stopped moving. I thought for a moment that I killed him. I did not care and judging by the fact that no one here came to help me, no one else cared either. I walked out of Milpitas with contempt for the whole place. If not for the fact that Dam has to meet with Kapaw here tomorrow I would have him come and level this place. But this is over and I am fine and I’m sure that there will not be any more problems.

The walk back to the ship was a little slow and painful. My ribs are a little bruised and my face still stings a little and oh yea my foot hurts from kicking a bag of crap around but I will be fine and I feel like a badass. I went all Damhamer on his ass. I know I shouldn’t joke about it because Dam is going to be pissed. The real fight is me trying to keep him from annihilating this place. I know it will be fine. We have to stay with the plan and get the information from Kapaw—that is what is most important.


Okay here we go.

“Yes my love.”

“Sii, are you all right?”

“Yes, I am fine now.”

“What do you mean now? Has something happened to you?”

I could feel the anger in his voice through the communicator.

“I am on the way back. I will explain when I get there but you have to promise me that you won’t get upset.”

“I will come and get you.”

“No need. I will be at the ship in twenty minutes. —And I didn’t hear you promise.”

“Okay. I promise. But please hurry.”

“I will.”

I thought to myself, I don’t know about hurrying. My foot and ribs are not in a hurrying mood but I will get there. I was very happy to see the ship, now just got to keep Dam calm and everything should be fine.

“I am here my love.”

The ship hatch opened. Dam came running out. He picked me up in his massive arms and whisked me into the ship.

“What happened? Who did this to you?”

“Dam, you promised not to get upset. I will explain everything.”

It was hard for him not to go ballistic. His body was shaking and hot. I wrapped my arms around his neck and just held him till the disruption subsided. He cleaned my wounds and wrapped my ribs. None were broken, just a little bruised. All will be fine tomorrow.

“Okay, now tell me what happened.”

“Well it was at Milpitas. A prick thought he could bully me around.”

“What is prick?”

“A prick is someone who thinks they can have or take whatever they want and will not take no for an answer. He grabbed and roughed me up a little.”

Dam stood up. Anger radiated from him. I knew he was not going to be happy about this.

“I will find this prick and he will pay for this.”

I stood the best I could. Everything was getting real sore. I took Dam’s hand. I knew I could not hold him back but he will listen to me.

“Dam, it is fine. I took care of him, and he won’t soon forget the beating I gave him. You think I look bad—I left him in a pool of his own blood and excrement. He was on the floor crying and begging me to stop. I will be fine in a few days but he, on the other hand, will remember this day the rest of his life. ”

“The rest of his life will be tomorrow if he is at Milpitas.”

“Fair enough.”

We spent the next few hours going over the plan. Dam was still a little reluctant about my role in all this but I believe he feels that maybe I can take care of myself and he did not realize how strong a woman I am. I don’t know about that but this is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am on an adventure of a lifetime. I have the most wonderful mate and no matter what happens tomorrow or the day after our love for each other will never change. I hope that tomorrow will bring answers that we need and a new adventure will begin, but we won’t know until The Meeting.





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