Damhamer – Chapter 7

It was now in the third time period. I have not slept much. I tossed and turned. After dinner Dam and I talked about the meeting tomorrow with Kapaw. I will be on the ship which will be on the landing platform also. I am to be ready to leave in a hurry if something goes wrong. I argued to no prevail that I would not leave him here but he made a good point: If something goes wrong, there might not be a here to leave. I believe Dam is special even if Kapaw is of his kind. I believe that nothing can hurt Dam. He seems to be resting comfortably. He is fearless and is not worried at all about tomorrow. I wish I could be that confident.

I walked outside to clear my head. This planet is nice. It is quiet— for now anyway. Tomorrow will be a different story. I didn’t stay out long. I needed to sleep so I would be alert. I wonder if Dam still has those sleeping pills Doctor Lecxtod gave him. His bag was in his room. I will look and see; I am sure he wouldn’t mind. Okay, clothes, the hospital robe—why would he keep this? Well I guess when you don’t have anything you try to keep what you do have—clothes, a note pad. I know I shouldn’t; this is his personal journal. I set it down, and it fell open. There was a drawing of a beautiful princess. I got a little angry. I closed it abruptly. I guess it was a little loud. Dam spoke and startled me.

“Sii, have you lost something?”

“Sorry, my love, I did not mean to wake you. I could not sleep. I was looking for the sleeping pills Doctor Lecxtod gave you when you first came to Orex.”

“I see you found my journal.”

“I didn’t intend on looking at it. When I set it down it fell open.”

Dam walked over and took the journal out of the bag and opened it to the place that the drawing was.

“Did the drawing upset you, Sii?”

“Yes, a little. Who is she, your mate you remembered you have?”

Tears started running down my face. I feared this would happen.

Dam put his arm around me I tried to pull away—I was angry—but he just pulled me in closer.

“Sii, you have nothing to worry about.”

“What do you mean?”

“When I first came to Medesto do you remember I had tormara visions?”

“Yes, that is what the pills were for.”

“Yes, well, not all of the visions were bad. I saw this beautiful princess. I drew what I saw, and looking at that drawing helped me get through some of the harder nights. When I met you, I knew you were the princess that I dreamed about.”

Boy, that made the waterworks come. I did not know what to say after that so I just held him.

“Do you feel better now, my love?”

I didn’t answer. I just kissed him like there was no tomorrow. I didn’t need the sleeping pills. I felt completely safe. I fell asleep without any help and I slept without any interruption.

The morning did come quickly but I was ready. We flew the ship to the landing pad. Dam went to the meeting place and I stayed with the ship. A few hours had passed; no sign of Kapaw. The Borog leader did not know the time of the meeting, so we wait. Dam began to wonder if the Borog had lied to us, but I don’t believe they would, since we know how to get to them and they surely did not want to deal with Dam. He agreed, and the wait went on.

It was now mid-day as some would say. I heard a large ship approaching. This could be Kapaw’s ship. Dam lectured me again about something happening.

“Yes, my love, take the ship and get out of here. I understand.”

The thing is, I am not sure I could leave him. I know he is more than capable of handling himself and there is nothing that can hurt him. Well I just hope this Kapaw is a little more civilized then some of the a-holes that come here and there shouldn’t be a problem.

The ship landed. I have never seen a ship like this one before. It was beautiful; it looked like a ship that would carry royalty or someone very important. The hatch on the ship opened. The first to emerge did not look like Dam. Another emerged from the hatch. Still not him I guess this is not the one. A third came; it was Kapaw. He looked like Dam but not as big, more a normal-sized person, but defiantly of Dam’s kind.

“Dam, you there?”

“Yes, my love.”

“Kapaw is here. He has two guards with him. They are headed to the meeting place. I know I don’t need to say this, but please be careful. And Dam, remember we are here for information, not to pound him into oblivion.”

“Yes, dear.”

I knew the plan is for me to stay here at the ship, but I want to be with Dam. For the most part I have to admit what happened to me at the bar was scary but exciting also. I believe if I walked in there now all the people would look at me differently since I took out one of their own. It was very empowering. Of course I am still a little sore from the empowerment. I need to be there to help keep Dam calm. There would be nothing to worry about—if something did happen, Dam could take care of it, and I can take care of myself. I know I am justifying a need or a want but I don’t care. Dam needs me there whether he knows it or not.

I headed to the meeting place. I did not contact Dam. He would be upset but I will deal with that later. Before all this happened, I would have been more than happy to stay with the ship reading or watching something on the TV and not getting involved with anything. I was content with that but now something inside me is pulling me to this event, and no matter the outcome I will deal with whatever it may be.

I am about five minutes behind Kapaw. Dam will be waiting. I will call him when I get to the meeting place. I hope he won’t be too upset. I’m sure he will be concerned but if everything goes well with Kapaw we will have the answers Dam needs. I arrived at Milpitas just in time to see Dam go in.

“Dam, can you hear me?”

“Yes, Sii. I am entering Milpitas. Is everything all right?”

“Yes, but…”

“What’s wrong, Sii?”

“Nothing is wrong, and please don’t be too upset with me, but I am here at Milpitas and I am coming in.”

“No, Sii. We talked about this. You are to wait at the ship.”

“I know, my love, but I just couldn’t stay away. Something is pulling me here. I know that it could be dangerous, and this is your business, but I am a part of all this now, and to exclude me from this is wrong. Whatever happens here we are in this together.”

“Okay, Sii, but any sign of trouble you get to the ship. Understood.”

“Yes my love.”

When I walked into Milpitas, Dam was close to the entrance. He had his cloak on with the hood pulled over his head. No one even looked his way. I could see Kapaw in the far right of the room in one of the private booths. His guards were with him.

“Sii, I still believe you should be back at the ship, but I am glad you are here.”

“Yes my love, I know, but I feel I should be here.”

As I spoke something caught my eye to the left. It was the piece of shit that attacked me. I felt anger again but then I saw the shape he was in. He had bandages around his head. His chest and his arm was in a sling. Man, I really messed him up. That dispersed the anger and made me feel empowered, but one thing I did not account for was that he was here. I am sure he has learned his lesson.

“Sii, what is wrong?”

He turned in the direction I had been staring. He is sure to see the guy with the bandages.

“Is this the bacah that attacked you?”

I was pretty sure that meant the same thing as what I had thought earlier.

“Yes but as you can see, I took care of that jerk.”

Dam turned toward the guy. I grabbed his arm. “Dam, we are not here for that.”

“I have something to say to him.”

He pulled away, as if I could have held him anyway. I thought, oh Dam, he is going to rip this guy’s arms off and beat him to death with them. I followed him to the table where the guy was sitting with a few others. I could almost see steam coming off of Dam. He put both hands around the edge of the table. I stepped to Dam’s left. As soon as I did the guy saw me and jumped. That made me feel good. That’s right, you piece of shit, you better jump. Dam leaned in to say something.

“So you like to attack women?”

The guy was trembling.

“No I did not attack, I jus— just wanted to buy her a drink.”

“You owe her an apology.”

“Yes, yes, I’m sorry for my actions. Please allow me to buy you both a drink.”

I felt the room get hot. I thought, what the hell, please, Dam, don’t kill this guy. I put my hand on his arm. He was burning up. I could not keep my hand on him. I heard something pop or crack. I looked down at the table. Dam was holding it. It had to be two and a half inches thick but it was splintering and popping under the pressure of Dam’s hands. If he kept this up he would take large chunks out of the table. He was starting to draw attention. He finally spoke to the guy.

“If you are still here when I finish my business, I will end you.”

Shit that scared me. His voice was low and powerful and the table was about to give way when Dam stood and walked away. I followed. I looked back at the guy. He had already gotten up and was headed to the door.  Wise choice, a-hole. Now if the meeting goes as well everything should be all right.

Dam walked up to Kapaw’s table. He still had his hood on. The two guards that accompanied him started to stand. Kapaw grabbed the arm of one of the guards, and then he spoke.

“Do you have some business with me, stranger?”

Dam pulled the hood off his head. I could see Kapaw’s eyes widen and the look on his face was of surprise.

“Jezjawa, biley weska jorja meeka? Cezawon jawa ca buc mezja  toca.”

(Damhamer, where have you been? Master Hellroe has been summoning you.)

I hoped Dam understood that—because I sure didn’t—but there was no response from Dam. I know that silence. He doesn’t understand him. Well that is why we are here, to understand what and why, but maybe it is time for me to help. I stepped forward and put my hand on Dam’s shoulder.

“He was attacked by the Borog and lost his memory. It is returning piece by piece. He cannot understand your language, so if you don’t mind, please speak English.”

One of the men with Kapaw spoke. “You do not speak in Kapaw’s presence, kolya.”

I knew what that meant: he just called me a whore. The other guard laughed. Dam turned to me. “Do you understand what he said?”

“Yes. He just called me a whore.”

It was like I lit a tank of rocket fuel. I swear I saw Dam’s eyes burst into flames. “Shit.” I held Dam’s arm and told him, “I will handle this. He insulted my honor.” I was on Dam’s left side. I walked around Dam. I could feel the heat coming off him; as they used to say on Earth, he is about to go nuclear.

I looked at the a-hole. He had a condescending smirk on his face. I will fix that. My right hand was fisted. I swung as hard as I could. When my fist made contact with his face it sounded like a gunshot. Everyone there jumped. She smirk left the a-hole’s face. His eyes rolled back into his head and he fell to the floor. I had knocked him out. I quickly looked up at the other two.

“Does anyone else want to call me something?”

Jezjawa, you have a spirited one here. I do apologize for my guard’s rudeness and the lack of social etiquette. Please sit.”

“Cezawon Jawa ca buc mezja toca.”

“English, please. As I said before, Dam has lost his memory and we do not understand your language.”

“So this one does the fighting and speaks for you also.”

I thought, This guy is trying to get killed here. Dam had the edge of the table again. I heard a loud cracking and popping. The table was splintering. Maybe I should have stayed at the ship. Then Dam spoke in that low, powerful voice. It was scary but kind of sexy, too. I know, no time for that.

“You would be wise not to speak of her in such a manner. We speak as one. You answer whatever she asks. If you know me, you know that I need no one to fight for me.”

At that word the section of table Dam was holding exploded. Splinters flew everywhere. Kapaw and the guard almost jumped over the back of the booth. Once the dust settled Kapaw spoke.

“Master Hellroe will not be pleased with your actions.”

The bar started to shake a little.

“He is not my master.”

The whole place started to shake.

“Dam, please calm down.”

He was burning up again. Something is wrong. I then noticed the stone on Dam’s chest. It was pulsing. Not now. Not another one of these.


Dam let out a load roar. The whole place was going to come down. Everyone was clearing out. Kapaw and his guard stood and started to leave.

“You cannot leave. We need answers.”

But I thought, I don’t want to leave him, but he will destroy this place and everything in it. It would be best if I went to the ship. He has not had one of these spells since Orex. I hope it won’t last long.

Kapaw and the guards ran out the door. I ran behind them. It is obvious that Kapaw knows the answers we seek. I reached the landing pad. Kapaw and his men were about to board their ship.

“Kapaw. We need answers.”

He stopped and turned around. “You are not so intimidating without the Jezjawa.”

“Would you rather deal with him or me?”

“I do not answer to you or him. I am viceroy to Cezawon Jawa, Supreme ruler of the Alawa Centennial.”

At that moment there was a load explosion in the direction of Milpitas.

“You would be wise to answer. I am the only one that can stop Dam from destroying you and your ship and it sounds like he is coming.”

“I do not have time for this. Kill this sezwon.”

One of his guards pulled out his weapon. This is definitely not how I wanted this to go. I was on the edge of the platform. I jumped just as he fired. I felt a sting in my right arm: I was hit. That piece of shit shot me. Okay, if you want to be that way, we only need Kapaw. I pulled the weapon I was carrying. I started to stand and fire back. The guard I knocked out was coming to finish me off, but surprise, I have a weapon also. I have never killed anyone in my life, but it is him or me, so I fired. The weapon did not work. I could see that smirk on his face again as he looked down at me. Are you kidding?! Is this how it ends? He raised his weapon. I would not give him the satisfaction of seeing me cry or beg for my life. I heard a loud, for lack of better words, lighting sound. It startled me. There was a bright light. That was easy. I did not feel a thing but when I opened my eyes the a-hole was gone. Kapaw’s ship was taking off. I tried to fire but the weapon still would not work. Did the a-hole change his mind and decided not to end me?

At that moment Dam came crashing down onto the platform Kapaw’s ship had left. Dam let out another roar. I made my way on to the platform. I could see what looked like burn marks where the guard was standing but I didn’t think much of it. I just assumed that he saw Dam coming and ran back to the ship.

“I tried to stop him, my love.”

Dam turned to me. His eyes were still black and he was radiating heat. I could not get close to him. My arm began to hurt. There was blood running down, dripping onto the platform. It looked worse than it was but I was losing too much blood. When Dam saw my injury, his eyes turn back to normal. The stone stopped pulsing. He fell to one knee. I ran to him and grabbed his arm to help him up.

“Dam, you all right?”

“Yes, Sii I am fine now but you are hurt. We need to get you to the ship and repair your wound.”

Dam was trembling. He had so much sadness in his eyes. The wound looked worse than it really is.

“I am fine, my love. We need to go after Kapaw. I will take care of this in flight.”

We got to the ship and took off after Kapaw. We did not know what kind of ship he has. Not sure if we can catch up to him.

“I have found his ship. The scanners show he is sixty kilometers in front of us. He hasn’t gone to hyper speed. I believe we can catch him.”

“Ready weapons, Sii. When we reach his ship I will destroy it.”

“I know you are angry, my love, but we need him. He has information. Let us hang back and see where he goes. Once we have the information then you can pound him into oblivion.”

“You are right, Sii. We will follow for now.”

“I will pull up the guidance map and see where he might be going. It is odd, but there is nothing out this way but the Ekitai Kukan. Why would he be headed to that part of space?”

The Ekitai Kukan is about twenty-five light years away. It will take us to two weeks to reach the barrier. Then what? I guess we will find out.

The pulse laser he fired at me made a clean cut on my arm. It will repair very nicely without a scar.

“Dam, you look tired. Why don’t you lie down and rest. If Kapaw’s ship changes course I will wake you.”

“No, I am fine.”

“I am a nurse. I know when someone needs rest.”

“You are the one injured. You need the rest.”

“This wound will be completely healed in twenty-four hours, and I am way too restless from the events at Milpitas. I would not be able to sleep even if I wanted to. You, on the other hand, destroyed a building and vaporized some scumbag. You need to rest.”

“Okay, dasa.”

“One question. When the stone started pulsating, did anything new come to your memory?”

“Yes. It was a place. It was beautiful. But I do not remember this place.”

“Was there anything else?”

“No. Just this place.”

“Okay my love. Please rest. You can tell me about it later.”

“Sii, if any—”

“Yes, I will wake you.”


We have been traveling for nine hours now. No change in direction. I am getting a little tired now but I know Dam needs the rest more than I do. I was about to drift off when a perimeter alarm sounded. There was another ship running parallel to us, just like before. The alarm woke Dam. I could hear him running to the front.

“Sii, what’s wrong?”

“It is a perimeter alarm. We have another ship in this quadrant. It is running parallel to us, same as before. I have tried contacting the ship, but no answer, same as before.”

“Has Kapaw changed course?”

“Yes, his ship changed course three hours ago. He seems to be heading to a planet called Milack Coradon. I do not know anything about this planet. I thought it was uninhabited. I do not know why Kapaw is going there but we will find out in two hours twenty-eight minutes.”

“He could possibly be meeting this Hellroe he spoke of.”

“Yes, that is possible.”


An explosion from the starboard side.

“Who is firing on us?”


Another explosion.

I screamed for Dam but everything around me went dark.









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